February 19, 2019
  • Hand Made Custom Cutlery


To purchase any of these knives please send me an email to order@mpknives.com


Western Chef’s Knife
Steel: 1095 & 15n20 Reversed Feather Damascus
Blade 9″
Handle Material: Stabilized Curly Maple Burl, Black G10
Hardware: Sterling Silver
Price: Email order@mpknives.com
American Tanto
Steel: 1/8″ 80crv2
Bevel: Hollow ground main bevel – Convex ground tip
Blade 3.4″ blade
Handle Material: Caramel linen micarta
Hardware: Stainless corby bolts
Price: $265


Ankou- SOLD
Steel: 1095 3/16″ with “barbed Wire” pattern Hamon
Bevel: 5in Radius Hollow Ground with 2in Radius Fuller
Blade Length: 6 1/4″
Finish: Antiqued Polish
Handle Material: Sculpted Black g10 Guard, Stabilized Black Ash Burl Accent, Copper Spacers, Stabilized Desert Ironwood Burl
Hardware: Hidden Threaded tang and Corby Bolt
Price: $750 shipped in the US





 Kiritsuke-Santoku – Chef’s Knife – SOLD
Steel: 1095/15n20 Mosaic Multi-bar Damascus
Bevel: Full height convex grind
Blade Length: 9″
Finish: 2500 gr
Handle Material: Stabilized Curly Maple Burl Wood and Black G10
Hardware: Sterling Silver, bolster of 16ga, three spacers of 22ga
Price: SOLD

With influence and guidance from Greg Cimms and his excellent work.