Cooper’s Hawk


Steel: AEB-L Stainless
Blade Length: 5″
Blade Width: 1/4″
Blade Height: 1 1/4″
Overall Length: 10″
Handle Material: Stabilized Curly Maple
Hardware: Brass

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A versatile knife capable of performing Bushcraft and “Survival” work, as well as a large duty hunting knife

A little on the Cooper’s Hawk from the NYS DEC’s Publication, “Raptors of New York”

Cooper’s Hawk
“Crow-sized forest hawk that looks like a hefty version of
the sharp-shinned hawk, but with a larger head and a
rounder tail with a broader white band. Adult Cooper’s
hawks blue-gray above with rufous underparts. Immatures
are brown with finer streaking underneath. Up to 19” long,
with a wingspan of up to 34”. Eats birds and some small
mammals, sometimes appearing at backyard bird feeders to
consume the avian visitors. Nests have been found in
forests in most parts of the state. Mainly solitary; less
common on migration than sharp-shinned hawks.”